E-Commerce and Trends for 2021

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E-Commerce and Trends for 2021

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Learn how to use e-commerce to your advantage to increase sales At the beginning of this decade, they started out shy. Over the years, they took shape and in the last quadrennium they arrived with force, becoming powerful online shopping tools. And don't worry, the well-known e- commerces or online stores will still exist for a long time, until the experts create a new mode of online shopping. Proof of this are the surveys showing that more and more people are spending money in online stores, instead of visiting physical stores. There are several reasons that drove the emergence of online stores. It may be due to the convenience made available to the consumer; a greater and strengthened relationship of trust with customers; practicality of management and implementation of sales strategies; between others.

For all this have you ever stopped to think about which strategies you intend to improve or create to be within this strong market trend? The growth of online shopping in Brazil E-commerce and trends for 2021E-commerce continues to expand B2B Email List in Brazil. In December 2020, they registered an increase of 53.83%, compared to the same period of 2019. Revenue, considering the same comparative basis, grew by 55.74%. Even with a good evolution, sales fell when comparing December 2020 with November: (-27.16%). In the accumulated result for the year, in turn, it closed with a positive index.


The data are from the MCC-ENET index, developed by the Metrics Committee of the Brazilian Chamber of the Digital Economy in partnership with Neotrust | Buy & Trust Movement. Even with all these facilities and news favorable to the segment, there are also cons in the world of e-commerce. We are talking about a valuable market that still has many opportunities to explore. However, we must not forget that this growth also means that there are a large number of competitors trying to attract the same customers as you. This dark side of the digital shopping universe shows that it is becoming extremely difficult to generate sales in e-commerce, especially without a high budget for marketing and advertising.
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